Saturday, July 26, 2014


 Our neighbors have a large tree in their garden
that produces massive clusters of yellow berries.
They ripen early in July and about this time of
year they are overly ripe and perfect for the bird
life here in Florida.  I love watching all the activity
by so many beautiful birds.
This morning, I heard an unmistakable conversation
high up in the berry tree. Seems a mother crow was
showing her youngster dinner for the day.

The youngster is making an observation
in this photo.....

Not quite willing to pluck the
ripe berries just yet.....proceeds
 feeding from mother once again.

Most likely this will not go on much longer
as the youth seems to have surpassed mother
in size completely. She will have to wean
this rather large baby bird soon.

I love nature, don't you?  Dee Dee
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