Monday, June 9, 2014

A Kind Deed

I took this photo a few years back.  
still one of my favorites,
 taken in the fall.
It was during that time,
 a generous
 man of good fortune donated 
a good sum of money
to refurbish the island. 
 He hauled in white
sand, planted sea oats and
 palm trees.
 One might say he completely
 transformed the
 I'm quite sure he enjoyed his 
efforts for a while.....
but then 
nature had it's 
a way of re-designing the land.
washed away the white sand, the
sea oats and palm trees he had planted.
Whenever I come across
this photo.....I pause for a few
moments and think of the
good man who did a 
kind deed for all
who enjoy Honeymoon Island.

Have a blessed day....Dee Dee