Sunday, June 8, 2014

Mockingbird Music In The Air

Honeymoon Island
 is a ten minute drive from
our home in Florida.  
Left to it's natural state,
it is a safe haven for
 man and animal. 
On this day, there was 
in the 
air provided by
one beautiful Mockingbird
....Florida's state bird. 
Images seen here were taken 
last week.
Rains have brought nourishment
 to the island,
and all is beautiful as seen through
 my camera lens
......palm trees, wild berries and sea grapes
cover the island.

"Wake up in the morning to the Mockingbird shrill......"

Sea grapes' growing along side
the  Gulf of Mexico. 
It takes little imagination to feel 
the coastal breezes
 and hear 
the waves
splashing against the shore.

Have a blessed Sunday.....Dee Dee