Saturday, October 27, 2012

Demise Of Black Eyed Susans

They looked a little sad,
but they still got my attention.
The rest area had been
beautifully landscaped.
Now, the time of year had
brought cooler weather and
seasonal change in nature.
The Black Eyed Susan's 
were dying.

One of my favorite things to do
is take photos of flowers that are in
the final stages of life....

I liken the Susans  to people in the 
autumn of their life...... the
declining years when beauty
begins to fade, 
but still exist, just a little, 
untill the end
when all the petals eventually
fall to the ground.
Thankfully, I was there
to see their demise.
Your seeing my humble efforts
in giving  them eternal life images
through art.

Blessings.....Dee Dee
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