Friday, October 26, 2012

Fenimore Art Museum/Tasha Tudor

I was excited as we pulled into
the driveway of the Fenimore Art Museum.
For weeks now, Tasha Tudor's
"Around the Year" exhibit  had been on my mind
as one of the first things to do on our vacation
in Cooperstown New York.
The last visit to the museum, was to see
Grandma Moses's primitive art.

The museum is the former home
of  James Fenimore Cooper, a popular
American writer of the l9th century.

I was politely warned not to take
photos after taking this....
painting of Tasha's daughter.

Tasha's Around the Year illustrated  the
changing seasons and special annual celebrations
with examples of Tasha Tudor's original art
for greeting cards, children's books, and holidays.
Let me just say, to be there, and see her work
up close and personal, warmed my heart.
Our hostess shared  sweet stories with us
 and other information that completed our visit.

Taken without flash, I managed
a photo of an upstairs window .......

and a beautiful museum chandelier.

The following photos were taken as we
walked the grounds of the museum......
absolutely gorgeous! 

beautiful fall leaves.......
A pathway leads to lovely white gazebo
overlooking the Otsego Lake.

Some of the larger trees had
dropped their leaves......smaller
trees were at their peak, displaying
gorgeous colors. 

I'm glad you stopped by.....
have a sweet ole' day.  Dee Dee
click on photos to enlarge