Monday, October 1, 2012

My Part Of The World

Known for some of the most
beautiful beaches in the world,
Florida welcomes visitors from
everywhere. This  bridge
takes us from the mainland
out to Clearwater beach.
Day of the week and time of day
critical to avoiding  beach traffic.
The tourist and Snowbirds will pack
these highways before long, coming
to Florida to escape the cold of the north.
Our population explodes during
November and happily our
churches are filled to capacity.
They'll come to places like Palm Pavillion,
located right on the beach.....
enjoy live music,  warm Gulf breezes
and have delicious seafood to eat.
Clearwater beach's white sand
along with the sun's rays are
perfect combinations for sun burns.
Most folks are aware of this and
pay for one of the many umbrellas
scattered over the sand.
When I visit the beach these days
it's mostly to use my camera.
These are photos taken in recent times.
They've been tweeked a little
with a Photoshop setting or two.
Enjoy the week, sweet family and friends.....Dee Dee
click on images to enlarge