Monday, October 29, 2012

Renewing Our Marriage Vows

The Mister and I had good reason
to vacation in Cooperstown.
We renewed our marriage vows
in the small church where our 
son-in-law is pastor.

Our children planned a lovely
ceremony and we were "swept
from our feet" by the preparation 
and all the love  shown to us.
As a wedding/anniversary gift they gave
us this beautiful place to spend sweet time
In Cooperstown, New York.....
it is called The Cooper Inn.
It rained early in the day,
but did little to dampen our spirits.
We went for a walk before the
ceremony and I took lots of photos.
Here is the entrance to the Inn.

There is no place more beautiful for fall
than Cooperstown.

The Cooper Inn was built in l812.

From our window, the
view of the grounds was breathtaking.

We will never ever forget all
who made our 
wedding/ anniversary perfect
in every way.
Enjoying His blessings..... Dee Dee
click on photos to enlarge