Sunday, September 30, 2012

Finishing The Sewing

The first glimpse of day came
with bright sunshine peeking
through lace curtains,
and the aroma of
Eight O'Clock coffee.
Saturday's to do list came to
mind and I sat straight up in bed.
Finishing  the sewing I had
begun the day before, was
 first and foremost
on my mind,  as I walked
toward the kitchen. My sewing
was where I left it, scattered
about the table,
 but in my own recognizable order.
Breakfast was finished quickly 
for the Mister had errands to
run. This meant the house would be
quietly mine.
So, remembering and  listening to 
 Andy Williams singing
 Moon River,
I began my sewing, making
 stuffed door hangers
to match the towel sets.
My sewing plans were
finished by mid day and I
had that "working steadily
until finished feeling of
sheer contentment and
satisfaction." I can't wait to
make my deliveries and see
the smiles on those
sweet, sweet faces.

"Choose a job you love and
you will never work a day
in your life." ~Confucius
Have a blessed Lord's Day! Dee Dee