Thursday, September 27, 2012

More Signs Of Fall

Several years back, we took pleasure
in watching our neighbor's
Banana Palm tree. During Florida's
winter months, it stood sadly
stripped of it's once lavish green
leaves. An unpleasant sight
to behold, after it's leaf pealing
fall ritual.
And then one day, we were quite
pleasantly surprised to find a
Banana Palm tree growing in the
midst of our garden,
beneath the  Philodendron plant.
The roots from the neighbor's
tree had traveled beneath the fence.
For a good many years we have
delighted in it's large frond
leafy grandeur.
Last year, for the first time, it
produced bananas and then promptly
and oh so sadly
"gave up the ghost."
But ah.....the continuity of plant
life gives us a continual feast of
pleasure. Early this past spring, a young
Banana Palm tree grew upward,
from it's
"ancestral  roots."
We watched it grow this
summer, flapping it's large leafed
appendages in the warm coastal
Florida breezes.
Now, in the Banana Palm's
traditions, we are watching as
it begins the
"leaf pealing fall ritual"
prior to winter's dormancy.
More signs of fall, indeed, here
in my part of  the world.
Have a sweet ole' day!  Dee Dee