Monday, September 10, 2012

High Tide

This fine 
Blue Heron, had his feet
firmly planted in a pile of
seaweed.  A strong  wind was
blowing and the high tide
waves were somewhat of a
challenge for him.
The seagull had hovered above
our heads for a few moments,
his efforts to land difficult.....
This photo was taken as we
walked north on the island...
not much sunshine this day, the skies
were overcast and rain was
Our walk back down the beach,
 looking south....
You can see the skies are a
beautiful blue with large white
puffy clouds. Notice  to the left
in the photo,  rocks and shells
that have been hauled in.....a
reminder of the constant battle
to prevent further erosion.
"The sea, once it cast it's spell,
holds one in it's net forever."
~Jacques Cousteau
Have a wonderful week!  Dee Dee