Wednesday, September 12, 2012

White Sands on Clearwater Beach

Most of the tourist have gone,
and school has started back.
That means the traffic has eased up,
and the "home folks" can finally
enjoy the beach
in a peaceful kind of way.
So here we were, bright and early
this morning, walking in white
sugar like beach sand.
From the parking lot, to the water's
edge, we passed by lovely sand dunes.
Sea grasses and sea oats were thriving,
 there to hold the dunes in place.
Pretty wild sunflowers
crawled along the dunes
as well......
My camera loved the scenery
in just about every direction.....
I took over 90 photos, and
will post more this week.
I find it fascinating that anything
grows in the white sands of
Clearwater Beach........
What a beautiful world we live in......sigh
Have a sweet ole' day!......Dee Dee