Thursday, September 13, 2012

Beach Observations

Pier 60
at Clearwater Beach Florida
has a continual buzz of
people and activities
all summer long.
Fewer visitors to our area,
September is my favorite time of
year to walk the pier, across the
white beach sands, out over
the Gulf of Mexico waters.
In the distance you can see a gate.....paying
to enter enables you to fish in some of the
most beautiful waters in the world. 
 This group of men having ridden their
bikes onto the pier, found
shaded benches, a perfect place for a bit
of conversation. 
This older gentleman was
coming from the fishing portion
of the pier. He was well equipped
with all the necessities.  His walk
was slow and direct as he headed
for the parking area.
Close behind him, walking at a
much slower pace, was his fishing
Lots of umbrellas seen in
the beach area..... most useful, indeed.
"Life is a beach!"
Well, at least this day, it was for me
and the Mister.
Glad you stopped by and walked
out on the pier with us......Dee Dee
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