Friday, September 14, 2012

My Thoughts

I stopped at our Fine Art's Center
a while back, inquiring on classes.
I spoke to a very nice lady about
drawing and watercolors.  I explained
I had, once long ago, taken a few
classes in drawing and oil paints, but
now my interest had taken another
direction.  "I have a specific style
I'm interested in, sort of a " folk art....
leaning contemporary or more modern art."
I'd brought along a few samples
of my drawings and watercolors
to show her. " Do you know this art?"
"I do not", she said, but may I suggest
you need only to draw and paint each
day and watch your own art develop.
I've taken her advice, somewhat.
 I've improvised a little. In addition to
my normal artist tools, I have a never
ending box of pencils, brushes and paints
 housed in my computer.
As I explore and create, I've often
wondered about the great artist of
yesteryear. Hmmm....just imagine 
Grandma Moses and how nice it would
have been for her, on cold
winter days, to sit painting at her computer.
Mouse in hand, it might've  been
interesting  for her to paint primitive
Adirondack mountain scenery
with Photoshop tools.
"Just thinkin......"
Have a beautiful day!  Dee Dee