Friday, September 28, 2012

Fishing Takes Concentration

We drove out to Weaver Park today.
It's a lovely place to walk, overlooking
inland waters of the Gulf of Mexico.
We soon realized, it was just us and
"the bird".....
A Blue Heron, was standing
all alone in the low tide, shallow waters.
Oblivious to the rest of the world,
the young Heron was focused.
Seemingly a bit young to be on
it's own.....I wondered at the bird's 
ability to survive.
But then I thought of one of
my favorite websites....
It is here I've watched
nesting birds and learned how
 the parenting duties are
not taken for granted.
This little Heron has had
ample training on how to
find food and survive in the world.
From what we could see
fishing methods for feeding himself,
had been accomplished.
I'm thinkin' Mom and Dad Heron
would be proud.
Have a sweet ole' day! Dee Dee
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