Sunday, September 2, 2012

Strutting Like A Peacock

The signs along the road
"Yard Sale"
had tempted us
and we found ourselves
in a lovely older
"Oh Look!"
The Mister slowed the
car and I proceeded to
take first one photo and
then another....
We see Peacocks now and
then, having heard the story
of an older gentleman
with a fondness for the
Seems when he went on to
"Glory" they were on
breeding and replenishing
these  Florida neighborhoods.
They appear to be domesticated,
wondering from one yard to
Stopping now and then to pose
for the camera.  This fine
looking fellow seems to be
purposely showing me his
better side.
I found
interesting results from
tweaking the photos with Photoshop.
Have a beautiful Lord's day!  Dee Dee