Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall Colors?

We fear that summer will be short,
but when we have had our swing of pleasure,
our fill of fruit and our swelter of heat,
we say we have had our day.
~John Donne 1620 
From my cottage window, I see
Robellini palms, Crotons,
Pink Hawaiian Ty Plants  and
variegated Schefflera.
This time each year I post
about all the fall colors in
my garden.....
though not your normal
fall leaves....
Things are looking more
beautiful than ever.  The
warm summer  rains have
come often......
Seemingly we are living in
a tropical "rain forest."....
The pink Hawaiian Ty plants
begin with colors of green.....
later turning lovely shades of
pinks and purples.  They spread
beneath the ground and before
long they come popping up all
over the place.  I love how they
blend with our Crotons and
A few of each placed
in a large vase sure give the
impression of a nice fall flower
Have a sweet ole' day everyone!  Dee Dee