Sunday, September 9, 2012


We drove out to the "Island" today....
late afternoon, actually.  Most
folks were packing up and leaving
the beaches.  We just wanted to
drive around and see how things
were progressing.  Beach erosion
is a problem and much effort is
taking place to prevent it happening
further.  Things are looking much
better....shells, sand and rocks have
been hauled in.  New Sea Grape
plants have been set out.  I'm so
We walked along the
waters edge and looked for shells.
It was high tide, producing  unusually
high waves......
The winds were blowing and I felt
the least bit of coolness.....
Seen here are scrub oak trees,
succumbing to the ocean's
salt waters.  Still clinging to life,
I felt pity for them.  In this photo
I stooped down to show how
close the high tide waves came
onto the beach, splashing on
their already exposed root system.
This fine Egret was frozen in
position.....stalking a lizard, most
likely.  It was a beautiful thing
to see ......a  most regal being  standing
in the tall island grasses.
I took over l40 photos....
my favorites will be shared with
you all over the next few days.
Have a blessed Lord's day! Dee Dee