Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lavender Colored Crape Myrtles

Right on time.....nature is so incredibly amazing,
as evidenced by our blooming lavender 
Crape Myrtle trees. They bloom in June each year.
You can see in this photo,
 our trees are surrounded  by lush tropical plants 
and were it not for the trees
towering above them, 
we would not see these gorgeous
You can see that I am so pleased with 
their presence in our garden, having splashed them
on the "Blog Header" today.

Each year I do a posting on each Crape Myrtle
in our garden.  We have four different trees to enjoy...each
a different color.
The close up here, allows an even deeper appreciation
for the Crape Myrtle.  The large clusters are just
so beautiful with variegated colors.

I never tire of thanking God, for the sometimes 
simple, and sometimes extraordinary 
pleasures of life.

Have a sweet ole' day, everyone.  Dee Dee