Monday, June 17, 2013

Midst The Sea Grapes

There's not too many places we can walk on 
Honeymoon Island, that brings us to an
oasis like grouping of palm trees and sea grapes.
This area is one of my little is left
due to erosion.  I keep my camera clicking off as
many photos as possible for memory sake.

There's a small clearing midst the palms and
sea grapes.....perfect spot to put our chairs
and have no need for an umbrella.  The only
sounds heard, are from the Gulf waves crashing to
 the shore and the calls of the seagulls.

This time of year the grapes are in abundance.
Not sure if there edible....perhaps the birds eat them.
In these photos you can see the palm trees are
still living, but seem to be struggling.  I hope they survive.

All That Is
All that is good, all that is true,
all that is beautiful, all that is
beneficent, be it great or small,
be it perfect or fragmentary,
natural as well as supernatural,
moral as well as material, comes
from God.  ~ John Newman

Have a wonderful day!  Dee Dee