Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Harmony Of Nature

We've been seeing beautiful yellow shrubs blooming
on the side of the cottage for a few days now.  Each
year I look forward to the blending of the pink Crape Myrtle
blooms with the yellow...... 
So, it happened, finally.
In a few days the Crape Myrtle will have huge clusters
of pink blooms, making quite a breath-
taking impression.

Only the few first blooms today......up close they 
look and remind me of lace.....

I heard the sweet sounds of the Cardinals
a few weeks ago and knew immediately they
were back in our garden.  Why they make their
nest in shrubs so close to the ground, I'll never
know, but they do each year.  The neighbors cats
had been lurking around the nest and we shooed
them away. Today, I saw the sad
evidence on the ground.....broken egg shells, a 
certain indication of what had taken place. The
small nest was empty....look how sweetly they 
had prepared for their babies.  Sigh.....

Oh, how lovely is the earth this day; she parades her beauty
before my eyes.  If I had only been given gossamer wings, I'd
go dancing with the butterflies......~B. C. Ray

Have a blessed weekend.....Dee Dee
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