Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Continuity Of Life

I've been at her home in early summer, 
when the Peonies are blooming.  
My first born daughter and I
 share a love for gardening and flowers. 

She called in the morning with
good birthday wishes. I could
find my bouquet of flowers in an 
email attachment she had said.
From her garden, and picked
by her slender and delicate hands, 
the Peonies were especially meaningful
to me.

I read her sweet message and 
sat staring 
at the image on my computer.

 I visualized my standing
at her kitchen sink, looking at 
the Peonies from her garden,
now beautifully displayed.

 I could see through the window,
 bright sunshine and trees casting
 shadows over her vast lawn.
I've walked there on soft
 green grasses, many times.

I thought of the
 continuity of life that is there.
It is where my children, 
my grandchildren and their children play,
 leaving foot prints 
over those of mine,
 unseen now,
yet forever present. 

Have a sweet ole' June day, everyone!  Dee Dee