Sunday, May 1, 2011

An Early Morning Walk

Our walk in the village this morning yielded some
nourishment for the soul, and some
beautiful  photos. Most Saturdays, you'll find  me and the mister
at the organic farmer's market in the village.
Once ladened with fruits and produce,
we take time to do a bit of strolling along quiet
and older established streets.
I've made it a habit never to leave home without
a camera, and photo opportunities were everywhere
this morning.....spring so very obvious.
  I gravitated toward these beautiful
Plumeria plants, standing in awe of God's
creative perfection. The blooms are quite exquisite,
and absolutely gorgeous.
  Sadly, I no longer have this Hawaiian beauty  growing
in my garden....they succumbed to the cold this
past winter.  After seeing these today, I will be
visiting the nurseries soon......the garden seems
incomplete, somehow.
It is indeed true what Thoreau once said....
"An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day."
Enjoying all the moments.....Dee Dee
"Have a blessed Lord's day!"