Wednesday, May 11, 2011


A favorite place,
Weaver Park  ..... donated to the city by one
fine man. The Mister and I greatly appreciate
all that is beautiful and peaceful on this prime
Florida real estate.
Late afternoon,
we sat together in a shaded place.
After a while,
 I began walking.....looking for photo opportunities.
The  park was alive with  the sounds of birds.
 Most were  hidden from my view
 high up in sprawling Live Oak trees.
 I spotted  a young Magnolia tree across the way, 
 happy to see it had large fragrant flowers. 
   I found the
"spent flower pods" 
fascinating, and
the pure white Magnolia  blossoms worthy of
"header status,"
and Thursday's post.
Stop by on Friday to see something
quite amazing.....and most definitely
  pleasing to the
National Audubon Society.
Have a blessed day......Dee Dee
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