Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Altered With Computerized Technology

I love taking photos of nature, and there's plenty
of spectacular creatures that make their home along
the Gulf Coast of Florida, where I call home.
 Quite common to the area, and one of my favorites,
is the Blue Heron. 
 I posted on this grand bird,  just a day or
two ago, using photos I had taken. 
 My photography enjoyment these days,  doesn't end
with simple developed photos. With amazing
photo programs, and computerized technology,
 it goes far  beyond that.
The above images of  two Blue Herons, 
 began with the click of a camera,
and the opening of a shutter.
 What appears to be a  painting,
was created without brushes or paint pigment. 
It is an interesting composition, not unlike something
I may have produced,
simply altered by a computer.
Are you having a good week?  I hope so......Dee Dee