Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Escaping The Heat

With temps in the 90s we decided to drive out to the beach.
Looks like plenty of other folks had the same idea.......
a place to escape the heat.
They were all there, young and old.
As one who enjoys observing people,
walking midst the beach crowd is most enjoyable to me.
I do use plenty of discretion when taking photos.
It seems a  bit funny to me, that all these
"sun worshipers" seem to  have no vanity, whatsoever.
They come in all  shapes and sizes.

On hot summer weekend days,
they come heavily ladened with
beach chairs, umbrellas and towels, coolers, music devices
and with an insatiable appetite for the sun's rays.
On this day, I observed a bit of  a conversational hum
throughout the crowd, and
sensed  contentment on many of their faces. is good.
Enjoying the moments......Dee Dee