Friday, May 13, 2011

Flounder For Dinner

The Osprey in Weaver's Park
So, I continue with more of the things that
I marveled  at in the park, a part of  this great big
beautiful part of the world we live in.

"Hurry and come look at this, you are not
going to believe it. Hurry!!"
The Mister  pointed upwards into a tall pine tree,
at something we both found quite amazing.
A young Osprey, wings outstretched
had caught a rather large
Flounder fish for it's dinner.

One claw clutched the pine branch and
the other struggled with a flapping,
still very much alive fish.
Watching the Osprey was  entertaining,
and a bit humorous.

We had to laugh at the young Osprey's  facial expression.....
"This is mine, you get your own food." 
Each day, I marvel once again
As His enchanting works unfurl.
Chance alone could not create
So beautiful a world!~Barbara Ray
God bless and protect you this day.....Dee Dee
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