Tuesday, April 30, 2013

For Mother's Day

 Never, ever thought I would have
so much pleasure with my new Kindle Fire, but having
access to so many wonderful books is just beyond
words.  I never thought I would enjoy reading
this way......having loved all their is about reading books,
the old fashioned way.  A short tutorial given by my daughter, 
changed my mind completely. 
Today, I've been poking around, finding new and interesting Apps.....
can we select too many?  Lovin' the graphics, especially when
I go to my Pinterest site.

I selected a few reads.......
Once Blind, by John Newton
A to Z with C. S. Lewis and
10 People Every Christian Should Know
for Bible study.....Matthew Henry's
commentary on the whole Bible.

Be still my heart!  

I'm completely happy and fascinated
with my Mother's Day gift. 

Have a sweet ole' day, everyone.  Dee Dee