Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Welcome Mr and Mrs Brown Thrasher

I had no sooner filled the birdbath with fresh cool water,
than Mr and Mrs Brown Thrasher came for morning baths.
It was easy to tell the male Thrasher, him having such 
beautiful rich colored feathers.  He was the one to go
first with the bath, either showing his dominance, or
his sweetness of testing the water temp for his "lady bird."
I like to think it was the latter.
In order to take photos and not disturb the bathers,
I zoomed my camera lens through a Hibiscus plant.

Her ladyship soon had the bath to lavish in for as long
as she liked.....

Once bathed, she took her time doing a bit of preening.....

With feathers thoroughly cleaned, she stood on the 
birdbath ledge watching her mate with a great deal
of curiosity.

Hidden from their view, clicking off one photo after
another......I was so appreciating these precious
moments up close and personal with nature.

Have a sweet ole' day......Dee Dee
Click on images to enlarge...they are very sweet.