Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saturday's Garden Images

It's sixty nine degrees here in Florida.....
yesterday ninety degrees.  So you can see that
spring is bordering on summer almost at the same
time.  I welcome the overcast skies and cooler
weather, hoping to set out a couple of new plants.
Once the heat sets in, there will be no more working
in the garden.....just setting back and admiring all
our efforts and enjoying each new bloom.
The basket of pink Mandevilla captured my 
camera's interest this morning.

I'm pleased with these photos.....
having zoomed through the branches
of a tall Hibiscus plant.....

I'm loving the whole composition......

Needless to say, I am partial to the 
pinks seen throughout the garden....

As I type, I am listening to Skyfall by Adele.....
love her voice and the movie was great.

Hope your having a beautiful weekend.....Dee Dee