Thursday, April 11, 2013

Garden Images and Nandina Love

We're having an absolutely gorgeous day here on the
 gulf coast of Florida. Spring is bursting out all over, and I, 
for one, am feeling rejuvenated!
While planting a new climbing rose, a labor of love, 
I couldn't help but notice a new look in the garden. 
The Nandina bushes are spectacular.....perhaps at their 
peak in spring blossoms. Not wanting to miss the
best of the blooms, I used a setting on my camera, 
new to me, to get in close.  My focus was on one tiny bloom....
appears as a small daisy in the center of this photo.

I clipped a nice stem of the Nandina and placed it in an 
old turquoise bell jar. Again, my camera focus was on one
 tiny bloom.  I achieved what I set out to......
...lovin' the results.

And, quite lovely indeed ......the beautiful 
turquoise in the garden.

Enjoying the moments....
and so glad you stopped by today......Dee Dee