Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Souvenir Mug

What do you do with that
thoughtful souvenir 
mug gift?
Do you use them, 
or do you store them on
a shelf in your cupboard? 
Or are you someone who
considers souvenir mugs
a bit of rubbish,  and toss
them in the trash bin?

A dear friend of mine,
once visited
the Atlantis resort, in the
and she thoughtfully
 brought me a "souvenir mug." 
Cobalt blue with raised gold
letters, probably made an
 impression on me back then.
Not your ordinary souvenir
mug, it was "fancy smancy,"
so I stored it away on a
top shelf in the cupboard.
While spring
cleaning today, I discovered the
mug again, gave it a good
washing and made me a nice
For a good stir, I used an
antique twisted silver spoon, also
discovered while sorting 
through my odds and ends 
silverware drawer.....
more spring cleaning.
Holding that warm
souvenir mug 
of coffee in my hands,
I thought of my friend and
the good times we had back
when.  I was glad I'd saved her gift,
and just maybe I'll hold on to
the "souvenir mug" a while longer
as a reminder of those sweet days.

Have a beautiful day, everyone.  Dee Dee