Tuesday, February 5, 2013


The ducks are back in our
Florida neighborhoods. I 
thought it a good time for
re-posting these fun
"duck" photos.

Florida has many beautiful lakes,
and this time of year they are
home to a variety of ducks.
This group, 
swimming together, seemed to
 get along just fine. They have
plenty of food, after all, so
there's no need for squabbling. 
On this day, they were
communicating with one 
another....lots of quacking.....
 an indication to me,
they were either good friends
or family members.

I was amazed at the colors....
being especially fond of the
lone white duck. 

A favorite image, one showing
the ducks reflection in the 
lake waters.

Of course, there were some
odd looking ducks about on this day.

The "Muscovy"  duck sort of took the
prize for the most interesting costume.
 I thought the iridescent colors in it's
wings were quite spectacular.

"I'm glad you stopped by....and I hope
your having a perfectly happy day!"  Dee Dee
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