Wednesday, February 20, 2013

They've Almost Finished Blooming

Just as the Camellias finish blooming,
I'll begin noticing signs of  spring. I
suppose Easter coming early this year,
makes it quite all right.
  The large oak tree has for days now, scattered
all sorts of "squigglies" all over the garden.
The Mister's kept the "leaf blower" handy.
  Such a nuisance, they seem,  but
tolerated as part of nature.  Before long
tiny new oak leaves will appear, the birds
will look for nesting areas and the squirrels
with make homes in the cross branches.

I cherish the last few days of winter flowers.

It's beautiful  and needs no special attention from me.
The Camellia bush is somewhat like an old friend, 
that brings lovely flowers
to our garden each November....
and falls back to sleep when spring arrives. 

So, they've almost finished blooming and I'm 
beginning to feel a little melancholy about their
Have a sweet ole' day!  Dee Dee