Friday, February 15, 2013

Celebrating Years Of Answers

"Coffee and biscuit? I've just made fresh."

The sun was hidden by rain clouds
this Valentine day.  We walked beneath
the umbrella, making our way to
the restaurant door.  Earlier we 
had eliminated places of fine dining,
 settling on a favorite 
family run neighborhood Italian eatery.
This  is our "comfort zone."
We try and prove, don't we?  

Greeted with polite and familiar
salutations, we are then seated,
 offered drinks and
served in a calm, for the most part,
and serene atmosphere. 

We've celebrated first one special
day after another through the years,
and yet still they have real meaning to us.
We have years and years of answers.
"How do I love thee?  
Let me count the ways."

Have a beautiful day, everyone.  Dee Dee