Saturday, February 9, 2013

Suggested Listen and Read

Never have I been more pleased
or impressed with anyone in the
public eye.  Such is the case
for Dr. Benjamin Carson, 
pediatric neurosurgeon 
at John Hopkins hospital. 
Not to worry if you've
missed his speech,  at the
National Prayer Breakfast. 
Thankfully,  it's been 
posted all over the Internet
for the whole world to see and hear.

Finally a man of faith and
integrity with a voice and
the courage to speak
 the truth.
Dr. Carson began by
reading scripture from God's
Word, the Holy Bible and
spoke of Jesus Christ as his
role model.
What a blessing to hear him 
speak, and today I am 
Read his book and find what
is in  this beautiful man's heart.
I believe Dr Carson is a 
true blessing from God....a light
in the dark, giving us all hope. Dee Dee