Friday, June 24, 2011

Audio Books For Our Listening Entertainment

As of late, we've become completely disinterested
in television programming.  Let's just say, it
leaves a lot to be desired,  and, the Mister and  I
can no longer be bothered with random selections. 
Not such a bad thing, for the house, in the evening, is much
quieter and more condusive to lovely conversation,
 interesting reads and..... our new found interest 
"audio book listening."
Borrowed from our public library, and they
have hundreds on the shelves,
tonight's selection for our entertainment, 
is Persuasion, Jane Austen's last
completed novel, and one of my favorites.
I plan to eventually listen to all of Austen's novels.
I'm quite sure the Mister's next choice,  will  likely be
a mystery of some sort, perhaps Sherlock Holmes.
Audio listening entertainment reminds me of the old
radio drama programs of long ago. I like it that we
have a choice in what we are seeing and hearing.
Sweet blessings......Dee Dee