Saturday, June 18, 2011

Beautiful Garden and Potted Plants

A Knockout Rose is loving the  South Carolina red clay soil.
We visited family this week, and greatly enjoyed a stroll in their
 beautiful garden. I stood amazed at what has developed over
the past six years.  It has been,  and continues to be a true
"labor of love" for these two hard working gardeners. 

Long an admirer of this garden,
I  asked  about the  pots and how they stayed  so
healthy and lovely. I learned the  secret.....
 "a combination of potting soils....
beginning with pebbles in the bottom of the pot, a layer
of potting soil/garden soil....
then a layer of peat moss (middle layer) and another
top layer of potting/garden soil."
The peat moss, an important part of the combination, 
makes for a deeper root system as the plants
reach for the peat moss  moisture.
I've taken many photos of this charming little garden,
and will post more soon. 
"Thank you "sweet folks" for a lovely time.
.... still keeping you in prayer.
Blessings for all.......Dee Dee
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