Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Privilege To Serve......

A gracious woman is one who is willing to give of herself without
considering the cost that is required. She is one who has a desire
to be used of  God in a great way and willingly expresses that
desire in her attitude and actions.
Ladies, we have an awesome privilege given to us to serve the God
of all gods and live our lives through the grace and mercy He so freely
extends.  Let's embrace each other as sisters in Christ...He had a plan
for us long before time actually began.
As I began working with my pencils and watercolors,
 faces of young women began appearing on my paper. 
 I thought of  Christian women I know,
young and old, all in different stages of their walk with
the Lord.  There seems to be a sense of urgency in
all of them to reach a lost world with the
Gospel of Jesus Christ.  No time to waste, for it is
now that we must serve and labor together.
Sweet Blessings for all......Dee Dee
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