Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lots Of Color In The Garden

The red and orange Hibiscus plants have come
along quite nicely this
summer. Standing a little over three  feet tall now,
 they continue to produce lovely blooms.
Things are getting a little crowded now
in this portion of the garden.  I kinda like it that way.
 Come fall,the Mexican Sage will die down,
 and some of the other
plants will  thin out a bit and go dormant.
Once upon a time a lovely
grew in our garden.
Sadly it was attacked by dreaded
worm- like critters and
one day, it ceased to exist.
This week, we planted a small 
Bougainvillea plant, 
 mid garden, for all to see and enjoy.
I think Mr Cardinal will be pleased
 with the color......
I planted the Four O'clock seeds
 a few short weeks ago....
late this afternoon they bloomed
 for the first time.

I'm glad you stopped by...
I hope you enjoyed your stroll
 in the garden.
Did you notice the ground's
 a bit wet still?   
The past two days we've
been blessed with some
 most welcomed rain. .
Have a sweet ole weekend,
look for His blessings......Dee Dee
click twice on photos to enlarge