Thursday, June 30, 2011

Found......New Role Model

Our pastor's wife has been leading
 studies of women of the Bible.
This past Tuesday, we learned of
Dorcas, known also as Tabitha.
Find her story here:
~Acts 9:36-43
She was,
a woman who thought of everyone but herself. 
Her time spent serving others, built her a
reputation for being compassionate,
resourceful and generous.
Dorcas, a deciple of the Lord
was always doing good. 
A seamstress, she helped the poor, by sewing clothes,
and that's where I fall in line behind her,
being moved to use my talent,
developing even yet,
from my love of stichery.
Why a role model?
A quiet servant,
she made an impact on those she met
and ministered to, she acted on the needs
she saw and  willingly did what she
could with the gifts she had.
Could it be, that all the boxes and baskets 
of lovely fabrics I've accumulated,
will actually become necessary items that
will bless others?
I think so.... 
Loving these kinds of  moments......Dee Dee