Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What Lies Between The Book Covers?

With the temps in the upper 90s, I think staying inside
with a stack of good books, a great idea.
The door to the library opens,
and that all too familiar feeling comes over me.
The  good smells of books conjer up
memories of writers, stories,
 new and strange places
and all sorts of characters stored
for years in my subconcience. 
I glance at the young reader section,
 half expecting
 a dear old rabbit named
Uncle Wiggily
to peek from behind
the bookshelf.  I was four years
old when he came rushing off the pages and into my imagination.
Since that time, 
 what lies between the book covers,
has remained a constant curiosity to me.

While book treasure hunting at my local library today,
I discovered  two writers, new to me.
On my desk to read are books
by Tony Earley....Jim The Boy and Here We Are In Paradise.
Also,  Peace Like A River by Leif Enger......
Reading today.....a priority!
Enjoying all the sweet moments.....Dee Dee