Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sweet Vacation Memories

I love this painting by Steven Danohos......
 reminds me of summer vacations
 when the children were younger.
Our in-laws had a beach house not too far
from Charleston, South Carolina. 
Although in ramshacked condition, it afforded some
 of the best times of our lives.
We knew what fun was, and we found it in all
sorts of entertaining ways.
We had  no fear in those days,  as we
water skied  in the inland waters, wooden slats
likely skimming over shallow and dangerous  oyster beds.
Late afternoons, low tide, in the same areas,
we threw nets to capture shrimp.
An old turkey neck tied to a string, we used
for  bait to attract crabs.
Salt water fishing, the Mister's attempt at
catching Cobia in the Atlantic spring waters,
congers up sea-sickness memories.
I walked down this memory lane with our
daughter a few weeks back. 
"We walked that path to the beach so many times  Mom,
I think I could walk it blind-folded.
Remember the sand spurs?"
"I sure do Honey......"
Have a blessed day.....Dee Dee