Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Grapefruit Tree

 We moved to Florida
in the month of December.
I remember finding it
fascinating seeing the neighbors 
grapefruit tree filled with 
yellow fruit. It was our good fortune that
several of the branches spilled over into our
yard. The fruit falling to the ground
we claimed as ours. An older tree, the
grapefruits were filled with seeds, but
properly prepared, they tasted mighty good.
For many years we were blessed with
not only a visibly beautiful tree, it also offered
a lovely fragrance from the fruit blossoms. 

I took the photo seen here, three years ago.
Sadly,  this was the last time the
tree yielded healthy fruit.  .
Unfortunately our neighbor's tree is dying and
most likely will be taken down. Most of 
the leaves are gone, and the one or two fruits
the tree has yielded  are brown.
Seems like an old friend is somehow leaving us. Sigh.....

Have a sweet ole' day everyone!  Dee Dee