Monday, November 5, 2012

Time To Vote

It's time again for 
"We The People"
to VOTE.  Many folks consider
this one of the most important
elections of our lifetime.
 Those of 
us who've been around awhile are 
watching as our freedoms are being
taken away, right before our eyes.
Seems our
 Constitution is in danger
of being altered and some of us have
been "snookered" into thinking we can't
think for ourselves or make decisions
about our children's diet and health issues.
is the word I use most often
when I see what is taking place.
 Remember l984 the movie?
Things not looking so good for 
Who are these people 
in charge and
what could the voters
 have been 

"Without God, democracy 
will not and 
cannot long endure."
(Ref: Christian God)
"Within the covers of the Bible 
are the answers
for all the problems men face."
~Ronald Reagan

Remember......Freedom is never 
more than one
generation away from extinction.  
We didn't pass it
to our children in the bloodstream. 
 It must be
fought for, protected and 
handed on for
them to do the same.~Ronald Reagan

Praying God will 
and protect, where there
are dishonest forces
 about, on 
Election Day......Dee Dee