Thursday, November 15, 2012

Read To A Child

Selective television and
lots of books to read
expand a child's knowledge
and imagination.

I never tire when reading to
children, and  find it sometimes
amusing that I'm a little girl all
over again.

Our public library has a resale book
store that  restocks almost daily.
I go twice a week to search through
the bookshelves.

The children I buy for are ages
three, five, eight and nine.

Yesterday, I found lovely books for
all their ages.  It's amazing to watch
the older children advance in their
reading skills, their vocabulary and
their continual expanding  curiosities.

My tip for the day.....Read all books
prior to reading to a child.  Not all 
modern day books are appropriate for
young minds.  Some have subliminal
messages that are not, at first glance,
apparent. Little minds are impressionable
and easily swayed for unhealthy thoughts.
Be Aware! 
Have a beautiful day....Dee Dee