Wednesday, November 7, 2012


During our visit to Cooperstown,
I had an opportunity to just get
out and walk.  The fall leaves were
scattered beneath my feet and the
cool breezes carried the fragrance
of wood burning fireplaces.
On this day, I discovered something
interesting, almost hidden from my view
Through the Bittersweet berries....

and the tree limbs, I could see 
something resembling a chimney.

Warn and weathered, 
I had found an
old "Ice Shack" belonging to my
As a young teen, he would take
the shack out on a frozen lake
to fish.
I was surprised to hear that the
 pipe peeking through the roof
was attached to an
actual wood burning stove.
Imagine that....
As a usual thing, I enjoyed
taking photos for lasting 

Have a beautiful day, everyone!  Dee Dee