Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"Chicken In The Four O'Clocks"

It'd  been a long while for me, being
around  farm animals. So,
I was fascinated with seeing these pretty
white chickens.  They were wondering
around freely at the Farmers Museum
in Cooperstown New York.
  I'm certain I annoyed a few
of these  very active birds with my camera.
They were interested in nothing
 more than foraging for food, scratching
around for seeds insects and worms.
I waited for this guy to come from 
beneath the Rose bushes. 
 Surrounded by
Four O'clock flowers and Lantana,
I had the perfect composition for a
nice photo shoot. 
I still have my original photo, but
what your seeing here is 
"experimentation" and my results
having used Photoshop.  I had way too
much fun with this.

Have a sweet ole' day, everyone.  Dee Dee
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