Saturday, November 3, 2012


Here is one of the most 
beautiful places
to experience a November autumn.
It's real pretty, don't you think?
can be seen blooming
in abundance on Honeymoon Island.
Grasses once green have now
turned a pinkish color, giving a 
beautiful glow to the landscape.
A little slice of heaven seen here showing
the Island transforms
during cooler autumn weather.
Mixed with usual salty air
 are now
musty scents of dying wild flowers.
Is it just me?  
Or does it seem we have
something built into our subconscious
that makes us feel different this time
of year?  I'm ready for cool weather,
 ready for change in clothing style,  and most 
definitely ready for change in foods. As
a matter of fact, I have a nice pot of chili
simmering on the stove.  
Autumn, the season for island walks
in the fading afternoon sun.

I'm glad you stopped by....Dee Dee