Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Christmas Week Visitor

We've had the doors to the cottage
open today.  Although a bit chilly,
it was nice.  I love the cooler weather,
and besides, it feels more like Christmas.
Having said.....the doors open are allowing
outdoor sounds to be heard more clearly.
Such was the case for the Blue Jay
family making all sorts of commotion.
This fine fellow was looking at me
in a most perplexing sort of way. 
Perhaps he was born in the garden....
back in the spring.
I walked slowing and quietly beneath
the branches.....

hoping he might hop to another
branch, allowing for a nicer image.......

....but no such luck, our Christmas week
visitor was content to sit  in this location. 
Noticing the tiny berries
the tree is producing, revealed to me why
exactly we've  had so many wild birds to our garden lately.

Have a blessed Lord's day.  Dee Dee
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