Sunday, December 30, 2012

My New Year's Resolution And Why

I'll blame it on "Pinterest"....well,
my search there, got me started, anyway.
I wanted to make deserts for 
Christmas, that were scrumptious
and delicious.  I found recipes that were
tried and proven ..... "pecan balls" and "fudge."

Having bought a two pound bag of 
pecans from Sam's Club......I  
doubled  the amount of nuts
called for in each recipe.

Not only did they taste good, when
served, they made a mighty nice 
Having said...... 
this sort of eating behavior, has to stop!!
The last of these goodies will be served
on the desert plates, at our traditional
New Year's dinner.  

Which brings me to the subject of
my New Year's resolution.

Can I just say DIET? and 
now you know WHY!!!

My New Years resolution is.....
"I will stay away from sugar, 
and carbohydrates, 
and eat lots of healthy foods.
My deserts will all be similar to this
crisp organic apple."


Have a beautiful Lord's day, everyone.  Dee Dee